Neopolis PS4 Announced!

Hello boppers! (The first person to guess the source of that quote gets a reward!*)

First things first: Neopolis is coming to PlayStation 4! I wanted to announce this a long time ago, but we had to make sure the deal was done and the papers were signed first :-) I wrote a nice blog post to announce this glorious fact over at the Sony PlayStation Europe blog. It explains some of the motivation behind the game, so for the full skinny go have a peek.

We also created a nice announcement trailer for the occasion. It gives a flavour of the game and the general vibe, but it just scratches the surface of what is to come. I'm currently writing a devblog post that goes into a lot more detail, but have a look anyway.

There are some new screenshots as well. Although we are only at pre-alpha (about a year before release I reckon) the game's visuals are getting pretty exciting. Here is an example so have a look for yourself!

I've added a bunch more screenies to the Neopolis landing page if you want to see more.

Wondering who did the cool music in that trailer? Well, that would be Electric Cafe (Mark Day) who is also creating all the game music and sound design for Neopolis. And guess what; he just released the trailer music and a few cool edits of Neopolis tracks on his soundcloud page. Come and get it!

Finally, just as a treat, I made half of the Neopolis screenplay I wrote available for download. Part of my gamedevelopment process includes writing or creating in other media, and in this case I wrote a pilot episode for a Neopolis tv show (I like to think big). It got a lot of love from my peers in the filmmaking community so I decided to make half of it available for download. If you like cyberpunk give it a read.
Download Neopolis Pilot Sample

Hope you like what you see, hear and read! And please let us know if you have any feedback or questions :-) Rudolf

*Competition not open to Omni Systems elite forces, staff, and other contributors