Neopolis Posters, Guardian Dyson Love

The most excellent Aleks Krotoski has this funky feature on the Guardian website called Game Pitch, where she asks indie developers 10 elevator pitch questions about their current project. Well, Alex and Rudolf have been answering questions about Dyson so get thee over there and have a look. :-)

Neopolis news

Work on Neopolis continues nicely. Martin is creating a great artstyle, Oscar's engine is shaping up nicely, and I am confident the design is up to it. :-) To make things nice however we have decided to lift the veil a tiny bit and are releasing some posters for the game. (As opposed to telling you in words what the game is about.) Have a look and see what the posters tell you. Additionally, the posters can be downloaded in a massive size so if you are so inclined you can turn the art into a proper print!

Have a look at this!

Neopolis Poster 1

Btw, we DO own the domain, but just need it to propagate. A holding site will go up soon. :-)