"Starlit: Colony" is 2d sci-fi action adventure game, dedicated to exploration, experimentation, emergent gameplay, and narrative. Its unique approach to non-linear exploration and action gameplay offers a fresh take on Metroidvania gameplay: The player must use photography to gain knowledge of a hugely detailed and fascinating eco system. This knowledge is used to manipulate creatures and systems in order to survive.

The game is truly huge, filled with equipment upgrades, and a great story. StarLit offers endless emergent gameplay scenarios.


The game takes place on a terraforming colony, infiltrated and infected by an alien disease. The look of the game is inspired by classic sci-fi book covers of the 70s and 80s and the major sci-fi films of that era. Each area is a visual treat for sc-fi fans.

The setting evokes a strong sense of wonder and is highly interactive and alive with AI nuances. Each area is designed to be revisited many times without becoming stale.


Creatures and systems are immobilised by an alien infestation, but can be freed by the player. However, this can cause new challenges as many creatures and systems are very dangerous themselves.

The player uses photography to unlock entries in an electronic encyclopaedia, describing details of an intricate eco system. Creatures affect each other, can be pitted against each other, used as weapons or pickups, and provide powerful items.

Equipment upgrades, missions, photography challenges and an engaging narrative provide fuel for exploration and progress


The game offers a HUGE single player campaign containing:

  1. A main mission with a strong narrative
  2. Side missions to engage with at leisure
  3. A huge number of creatures to discover and photograph
  4. A massive interactive open world to explore, with additional hidden areas offer self-contained challenges.
  5. Many Achievements