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  • Site Relaunch LIVE!

    We have been busy working behind the scenes on a new site design. The idea is that we can communicate our news, dev-blogs, media, community efforts, and anything else that we want to get out there, in a far more efficient and appealing way.

    (For example, Here is a teaser image for our soon-to-be-anounced new Eufloria RPG game.)
    Eufloria RPG

    Have a look around. There are some important changes and additions, like a newsletter you can sign up to, to stay up to date on all our games (and other updates), and even getting sneak previews and goodies before everybody else does!

    We also sell our games directly from this website now. Just browse to the relevant pages and take it from there.

    New media and news gets added regularly, while we also created a separate Devblog area for regular development articles.

    It's all pretty self-explanatory, so have a browse, check out all the new content for our new games: Eufloria RPG, Neopolis, and StarLit:Colony, and let us know what you think?